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"Tate does a great job of tackling clutter in a way that is incredibly helpful and never made me feel any sort of guilt for needing that help.“ 

 ~ Brennen & Kelsey ~

"I loved working with Tate! They were so patient, calmly helping me figure out the root causes of my struggles so that we could address them productively instead of the band-aid solutions I've tried in the past. Even when there were concepts that felt foreign to me, they were presented in such an open way that I couldn't help but test them out and found myself discovering new incredibly useful strategies for my daily life that I would've never thought of before. I can't recommend them enough. Low-pressure, zero judgement, and an excellent help!"

~ Dakota ~

"I used Tate Glover Organizing to help me tackle the giant mess that was in my garage and in my master closet area. Having someone like Tate working along side me and guiding me made the task of organizing those spaces… actually pleasant!  I’ve been so pleased with the results and Tate’s various tips and hints have helped me keep things orderly and my mess in check.  Makes me happy to walk into my closet, and the garage as well, and actually find the thing I’m looking for in short order.  It’s such a timesaver and so much more pleasant to look at. Thank you, Tate… 5 Stars for sure!"  


~ Diane ~ 

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